Information Sheets, Specifications & Pattern Details from Centurion Stone

At Centurion Stone, we make our resources easily accessible for both architects and dealers. In order to truly understand our products, we’ve provided not only technical documents and cut sheets, but also marketing materials that highlight our high-quality, durable products. Whether you’re an architect looking to use Centurion Stone for your next project, or a dealer looking for the best way to sell, we have all the information you need.

Resources for Architects

Learn about the enduring quality of Centurion Stone products, our entire product line, pictures of final product application, specific technical information, installation information and more. These resources can be accessed for product application and referenced for specific project endeavors.

CAD Hatch Pattern Drawings

Literature for Centurion Stone Dealers

Check out the available marketing materials, technical documentation, shipping and packing information, and color specification sheets for Centurion Stone products. We equip all of our dealers with the most up-to-date information they can use to increase their revenue.

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Download Tri-Fold Brochure

Documents such as the Green LEED Certification and AC-51 Testing Data can be downloaded for use here.

Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions
View AC51 Testing Data
Current ICC Report
Centurion Stone Specs 1020

With over 200 colors to choose from, our color specification documents will help homeowners, business owners, and architects with the design of their project using Centurion Stone. This allows most projects to be fully customizable for whatever your interior or exterior needs may be.

Accessory Color Matches 2024
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